Monday, 1 December 2014

How to perform Pistols, Single Leg Squats for CrossFit

Hip strength is Probably the most important factor for almost any sport. It's almost a given these days, that's why we squat, deadlift, clean and/or snatch heavy at least once a week at an absolute minimum.

Bilateral movements (2 legs at a time) are great for developing raw strength but you don't want neglect split stance (lunge variations) or especially movements where you are in a single leg unsupported stance like pistols. One foot on the ground, either balance or hop around pogo stick style until you can get stable again.

If you're already pretty strong at the big lifts then it's time to master the pistol.

Here's how to do it:

Try to treat it just like a 2 legged squat as much as possible
Hips back (at first)
Knees out
Go as low as you can with your heel down
Sit your butt right down to your heel
Stand up!
Hold a plate in front of you if you need a counter balance
Mobility check:

Put your feet together and try to squat all the way down with your knees out, if fall over backward you likely have some type of ankle mobility issues to work on.
Try wearing your weightlifting shoes at first, it'll be a little bit easier having a small heel lift.

Rings: Combo ring row and pistols
Bands: Pulls you out of the bottom of the movement
Boxs: Partial reps, helps to start sitting then stand
Eccentrics: Lower yourself down under control, sit on the floor then stand back up with two legs
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