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E+ Energy Shot Drink by Isagenix is a convenient natural-caffeinated energy shot that gets and keeps you going without any junk toxic ingredients it's super clean !

Check Out  Dr Micheal Colgan 

Dr Colgan came to Isagenix last May with 40 years of experience in nutrition and training the elite of elite athletes. He actually put “himself and six of his tri-athletes” on the 30 day Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System . Results were excellent and the groups performance improved: Mean body fat declined 4.9 pounds or 3.0% and mean lean muscle gained 0.7 pounds or 2.8%.
He explains what made him to come to Isagenix and touched on why we need to:
- have a cleanse regiment
- feed our bodies with the “right protein” to build lean muscle mass
- get our adaptogenic herbs from Ionix Supreme
- get our micro-nutrients from Ageless Essentials.
He concludes saying Isagenix is the only company out there with a whole package and the only company that understands that you have to have a system for optimal health.
Taking Action to Protect Our Health!

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