Thursday, 4 December 2014

7 Major Benefits of a Spin Class

One of the best indoor workouts is a spin class. Below are 7 reasons why you should incorporate spin classes into your weekly workout routines.

You can train all year long – Spinning is great, because it can be done all year long...and it's indoors. That means you'll enjoy a bike ride without having to navigate through crazy drivers, pot holes, ice, rain, or strong winds. A 30-45 min spin class is equivalent to about 8-10 miles. A full hour, depending on how fast you pedal, can give you closer to 13 miles!

You workout harder to awesome music – Each instructor uses a different flavor of music. So whether you like pop, hip hop, oldies, rock, or a mixture of everything you can try out new instructors to see who has a similar taste in music to you. However, no matter what type of music is played, you’ll always get a great workout and feel pumped, since all spin classes use high tempo songs to get your legs moving.

Burn a ton of calories with interval training – Another great thing about spin classes are that they use interval training to rotate between sprints, hills, time out of the seat and rest periods. You'll keep your heart rate up the whole time without being overly fatigued. Interval training also gives you the highest calorie burn for the amount of time spent working out.

 Tone more than just your legs – Spin classes tone more than just your legs. You need to use your core when you are pedaling out of the seat in order to stabilize your body. You also activate your glutes when spinning to deliver a fully toned lower body. At both Ravenswood and Edgewater fitness centers we offer several spin classes that also include a yoga or strength training section to give participants a full body workout.

Ride at your own speed – While our instructors encourage participants to ride faster and with more resistance every class, participants are in full control of their resistance and speed levels. This makes spin classes perfect for all experience and fitness levels.

Give your joints a break – Spin classes give your joints a nice break from other classes like bootcamp, tabata, and zumba that use a lot of high impact exercises that can put a lot of pressure on your joints.

De-stress and Re-energize – Exercise in general relieves stress and provides energy. However, spin classes in particular allow participants to get lost in their workout, since the movements are simpler and require little concentration.

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