Friday, 19 December 2014

CrossFit Natural Grips

 An alternative to traditional weightlifting gloves or bulky wraps, Natural Grips are made from a thin but durable Zinc Oxide 100% cotton tape, which can be custom fit to your hands based on ring finger size. The result is a comfortable, breathable, streamlined grip that protects the hands throughout high-rep weight training, pull-ups, etc.
Natural Grips should be secured tightly around the wrists before a workout using wrist wraps and/or athletic tape. Depending on how often they’re used, one pair of grips can have a shelf life of 3-6 months-- reliably preventing the torn skin and calluses that often derail strength training programs.
The correct sizing is critical in how effective your Natural Grips will be. Refer to the sizing chart below before placing an order.
Zinc Oxide 100% cotton tape (not available in most athletic shops)
Latex-free adhesive
Porous for breathability / NOT washable
Color: White
Must be used in conjunction with athletic tape and/or wrist wraps for a secure fit

Ring Size Chart
Measure the circumference of your ring finger to determine your natural grip size
Circumference (mm): Natural Grip Size
49-52: Size 5/6
52-57: Size 7/8
57-62: Size 9/10
62-68: Size 11/12

Important Notes / Tips:
Upon taking your grips out of the bag, place them on a flat surface and smooth out the material with your hands, making sure that all the areas on the grip are secured properly.
When taping grips to wrist, you only want a slight wrist extension so that you have a little slack in the grip. You do not want a lot of slack.
Once taped to wrist, put a little chalk on the grip and grab bar just below the finger loops. Do not perform a high volume WOD the first time out of the bag, this will TRASH your grips, the grips do require some time to break in. Once you used them 2-3 times on small volume WODs, the pieces start to melt / mesh together.
Pay attention to where you are grabbing the bar. If you grab the bar and there is a lot of the grip above the bar then they will bunch so you want to stay away from this. This goes back to #2, you do NOT want to much slack in your grip.
Post-WOD care: After the WOD lay them flat and if there are some minor wrinkles, smooth them out. If wet, let them air out. Do not leave in car in the hot sun or they will fall apart due to the high heat and humidity in some climates.

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