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Why Doctors Recommend Isagenix

Paul: My name is Dr. Paul Anderson. I am a Canadian medical doctor and a nutritional formulator of the IsaDelights Chocolates. One of my favorite products is the IsaLean Shakes. These are delicious, low calorie and nutritionally complete meals, full of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids that you need. It supports nutritional cleansing. One of the things that make the IsaLean Shakes different than a lot of other meal replacement shakes is the form of whey they’re using. They use the highest grade of whey. It’s from happy New Zealand cows. They exceed the USDA organic regulations. The cows are pasture-fed, they don’t get hormones or antibiotics. Now they’re using a new proprietary technology that’s making the whey protein even better than before, and there’s less lactose so it’s easier on digestion. They add enzymes that make it easier to digest, but also it’s better for the body and absorption.
Nicole: My name is Dr. Nicole Kafka. I am a colorectal surgeon in New York City. One of the wonderful things about Cleanse for Life and the cleansing program is that it does not zap your energy. On a cleanse day, most people, including me, feel more energy at the end of the day than they had when they started. Even doing two days in a row can improve that feeling further, and you’re not hungry when you finish. In fact, your appetite may even be decreased for several days afterwards.
Carlos: Hello everybody. I’m Dr. Carlos Perez Cortes. This is a very extraordinary product that balances the body. It’s a nutritional enriched rejuvenated drink that restores and protects the body from stress and helps increase your ability to perform mentally and physically. It enhances the cognitive capacity. It contains over 100 specially-stored active ingredients in a [inaudible 00:02:23] from around the world and no other product, believe me, competes with this exclusive combination of quality ingredients that are tested for maximum potency and purity. It also contains [adapting] that energize cells, adapting your body to any form of stress. It also contains our advanced super-charged blend of trasiantic minerals which support the body vital functions. Over 200 powerful nutrients help rejuvenate the body. A focus on the brewing [causes] enhances the benefits of antioxidants and at the beginning had to support mental and physical performance.
Cheryl: My name is Dr. Cheryl Hart. I have been a gynaecologist for 30 years. On every cleanse day, you’ll want to include low-calories snacks. This is a perfect balance of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats to help fulfil your body’s nutritional needs. They contain quality proteins that help reduce your cravings. They come in two delicious flavors, natural chocolate and French vanilla.
Mark: IsaPro is the essential part of Isagenix product line. This is a superb supplement for people who have a high-demand lifestyle, whether it be a professional athlete, an amateur athlete or a busy high stressed individual, and even for people that just want to ensure that they have the best protein available for their body. The building blocks of our muscles and our muscle system are amino acids and the proteins that go along with them. So what happens is, IsaPro allows the body to build lean muscle mass. It contains the highest quality whey protein concentrate available. It uses a new and proprietary processing technology for the whey protein that’s contained within it. It actually has a higher amino acid profile and lower lactose levels. It gets down to something as detailed as even the way that the cattle are processed. It’s been shown that because of the rest that the actual amino acid content and the protein available elevates in cows that are rested. Most commercial cattle never have that.
So what happens is, they use a New Zealand dairy group, whose standards actually exceed USDA organic regulations. The cows are pasture fed and not treated with hormones or antibiotics. Many cattle are fed grain, and grain contain chemicals, and things that can be absorbed by the cow, and it can become harmful when consumed. So the whey that is contained in this product, is sourced through New Zealand because it is the highest quality that exists. It contains ionic Alphalfa and it contains an advanced super charged blend of chase minerals that supports the body vital functions. It helps with stubborn weight loss plateaus, it curbs hunger and just one scoop of IsaPro contains 18 grams of nutritious lean building whey protein. It’s also ideal for athletes who really want to increase and build their lean body mass, and they can do it in a way that’s hormone and antibiotic free. I truly believe if every athlete on the planet knew the superior quality of this whey protein, they would all be on it.
Nicole: The oatmeal berry slim cakes are wonderful, wonderful healthy snack. They are good for your heart, your gut, and everything in between. They are low in calories. They are nutritionally packed. They contain five grams of fiber, which is one-fifth to one-sixth of the total fiber that we need in our diets today, which is something that almost none of us achieve otherwise. That fiber comes from whole grain oats, oat bran, amulet and flaxseed, wonderful sources which is also sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to be good for your heart and your bowel function. They contain blueberries and cranberries. They are sweetened with natural agave which has a low natural glycemic index, what that means is that they keep your blood level and your insulin levels steady. This is great for your metabolism. It’s great for your weight. It makes you feel better. You don’t get those sudden spikes of energy and then just falls of energy that comes with sugar. They’re cholesterol and preservative free. There are no transfats and they are a delicious, delicious snack. It tastes great.
Cheryl: Essentials for Women, this product is a powerful multi-vitamin formula that activates and supports advanced health for women, especially during aging. Premium vitamins, minerals, and fido nutrients create the foundation for the optimal health. Bone nourishing minerals for lasting bone strength also contains specialized herbs that reduce discomfort from monthly cycles and life transitions, often eliminating the need for hormones. This product also contains minerals for stronger hair and nails.
Mark: The other wonderful product that exists for men is Essentials for Men. This is an especially designed blend of premium nutrients that sustain and support the best possible health for men. Comprehensive B vitamins support stamina, energy, endurance, and mental concentration. Adaptogens included in the product support all-around health, endurance, and reduced symptoms of stress. Saw palmetto is also a key ingredient because it also promotes a healthy prostate.
Nicole: Natural Accelerator naturally enhances the body’s fat burning ability, but it does that without making you feel wired or speedy. It contains carefully selected natural thermogenic ingredients, that mean they help your body up its metabolism and burn fat. Those ingredients include cayenne, green tea, cinnamon and ginseng, and they help your body easily release unwanted pounds. This product does not contain any ephedrine or ma huana or any other stimulant that makes you feel wired and it’s completely caffeine free. These thermogenic herbs help your body to lose weight naturally and in a healthy way. It provides what are called lipotropics nutrients, which support you liver’s ability to metabolize fat quickly, and it contains a rich supply of the vitamin niacin. This helps to reduce your appetite and keep your metabolism chugging along. Finally, this contains royal jelly extract, a great source of natural B vitamins.
Announcer: I’m glad to see that Isogenix has an antioxidant formula. This antioxidant formula is very, very important because it contains a full spectrum of antioxidants that help protect from damaging free radicals. Denholm Harmon, back in the 1950s, came up with the theory of aging, which was associated with free radicals. He, at that time realized that by taking antioxidants you might be able to prolong this aging process. Isagenix provides one of the strongest antioxidants that is available on the market. It protects you from free radical damage and may reduce the risk of certain forms of cancers. Antioxidants promote wellness and protects against illness as well. It tends to reverse accelerated aging and boosts energy.
Nicole: IsaFlush is a collection of herbs and minerals which help the gut to work better. It effectively and safely encourages regularity and helps to soothe intestinal discomfort. It includes magnesium, which supports improved water absorption. It helps with improved digestion and reduces intestinal discomfort, and it supports heart and lung health. IsaFlush helps to support a balanced digestive system which improves your ability to withstand stresses, physical, emotional, and environmental, and keeps you in balance. It helps you to remain regular, which is important for the body to eliminate waste, maintain water balance, lessen fatigue, and support cardiovascular health.
Paul: One of my favorite Isagenix products is Want More Energy.

 It’s a natural energy drink. It’s loaded with vitamins and nutrients that replenish the body. The thing I like about it is low calorie. It only has 35 calories, but it helps increase your mental and physical performance. One of the best ways I know to use this product is about a half hour before exercise, combine it with IsoDelight. It has tremendous good results. You can also use it on cleanse days. It really helps you get through those long cleanse days.
On non-cleanse days, to support you when you start to get some cravings, and I can see why it isn’t a knockout. One of the best apects about it is that it doesn’t contain caffeine, ma huang, epinephrine. There’s no artificial sweeteners or coloring. It’s caffeine-free. It provides a natural energy boost and it’s just a great product that I love to use personally, and I recommend it to you.

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