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By John Anderson on Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hi John, I've been doing Isagenix for three weeks now and haven't had much (3 lbs) weight loss. I'm faithfully following the guidelines. Do some people just not lose weight on this program? I'm fairly hungry and have quite a few headaches. I was only having one cup of coffee a day so I can't see it being that. I'm doing my third cleanse day today and am going to do two in a row to see if I can jumpstart some weightloss.


This is the typical case of thinking coffee is ok when only having 1 cup daily. After all, what can one cup do?
Your getting great nutrition and cleansing effects from the Isagenix products but thats about it.


I originally developed this cleanse for two reasons;
 1) to supply all the necessary building blocks while losing weight, making this a safe program for the long and short term. I have seen hundreds of weight loss programs that do not support your body causing damage and loss of lean body tissue. Ever see someone who lost weight that remains flabby? This is a sign of poor nutrition and unsafe weight release.

2) To cleanse by stimulating many functions in your body including burning fat which toxins hide in.

The original 9 day cleanse required a 48 hour cleanse with the IsaSnacks as a support to maintain blood sugar. By the second day, you are entering a mild state of ketosis. This is the fat burning state where you start burning your stored fat as your source of fuel. You need this state of ketosis for succeeding in loosing the desired weight and get deep into areas where toxins are trapped and covered by fat, protecting your body from the exposure and damage toxins can cause.

In the original 9 day system, coffee was not a concern or thought as being a problem
until see thousand of people having success and a few who were not. Most of those who were having a problem had one thing in common, COFFEE.

Over the past 7 years, caffeine use has been monitored and the trend shows that caffeine does and will slow or even stop the release of weight in most people. We are all unique and a few will lose weight as the exception, but the majority will not. Even one cup daily will dump 150 milligrams in your body.

Eating the correct amount of balanced foods are another problem because many people have no idea as to the amount of calories they are consuming. I see people thinking they just had a meal of 500 calories and in reality, it was over 1,000. I recommend everyone buy a calorie book and follow their consumption and amount of calories every day.

Additionally, adding fruit and high calorie ingredient to your shake is a no no. I follow many peoples progress and help keep them compliant "On the right track" and some use a 32 ounce or larger blender because all the stuff they add to their shake will not fit in the IsaBlender! LOL Add cups of fruit contain hundreds of calories will take you out of Ketosis and will also upset the balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fat contained in the shake.

Heres the Deal;
If you want to lose weight safe and keep it off, follow my recommendations and break the coffee habit, deep cleanse, and follow the instructions.

Please note;
I am not a follower of eating almonds, eggs, and other snacks while cleansing!

I hope this information helps you succeed.


John A.

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