Saturday, 8 November 2014

For the Isagenix-Fueled CrossFit Athlete


Please check the source for full article  -  I’ve noticed an overwhelming amount of athletes coming on board to Isagenix and here is why:
  • Results are genuine and Isagenix never pays anyone to like or use their products
  • Their whey comes from New Zealand and is grass-fed, no steroids, no hormones, and exceeds the USDA standard for organic
  • The bioavailability of their protein is the highest available on the market
  • This superior protein becomes a part of your body, thus building superior muscle
  • Isagenix does not rely on stimulants and synthetic materials to mask issues and create temporary improvements.  Their WHOLE nutrition literally changes you from the inside-out to create a more well-rounded athlete to the core
  • No artificial sweeteners and absolutely no soy products whatsoever
  • Lactose levels so low that many who are lactose intolerant can use the protein
  • Gluten free
  • Paleo II friendly
  • Stimulant free
  • Passes all athlete testing, nothing banned
Being in the CrossFit community I understand the reluctance to try new things.  We can be VERY set in our ways!  I encourage you not to get too wrapped up in the shiny marketing by other companies to find what is genuinely good for you.  After all, those of us in CrossFit know good and well that popularity does not determine superiority!  Isagenix is the FUTURE of CrossFit nutrition.
On this site, you will find real stories of CrossFit athletes using Isagenix to gain a competitive edge and instructions, information, and support for those of you currently on or looking into Isagenix. 

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