Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Crossfitters

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Crossfitters

1. Be Proactive – Take responsibility for your life
Some things are not within your control but take control of those that are.  Doing Crossfit on a regular basis requires guts, determination and a commitment. It is also an investment in your well-being, which transfers outside of the gym. Turn up, push yourself and be positive.
2. Begin with the end in Mind – Define your mission and goals
Everyone who does Crossfit has strength and weaknesses, some more so than others. Whilst it is great to nurture your strengths, the greatest gains often come from addressing your weaknesses. This is one of the major benefits of Crossfit over a traditional gym. The WoDs are prescribed and scalable, so unless you ‘WoD pick’, you get an all round experience. Set yourself a challenge and work for it.
3. Put First things First – Prioritise and do the most important things first
Get the balance right. It is easy to become obsessed with Crossfit but it needs a balance against other activities – particularly if you have a family. Don’t be in a rush to attend every session and do listen to your body. A good diet, adequate rest and sleep are crucial to continuing to make gains.
4. Think Win-Win – Have an everyone can win attitude
Perhaps the greatest shock to someone who attends Crossfit is that it is often the person who finishes last who gets the most cheers. The people you train with quickly become friends. Egos are rare and the encouragement you give to others is readily reciprocated.  The only time you have to beat is your last time.
5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood
The coaching staff have a complex role to undertake – to teach, to encourage, to push and to support. The coaching aspect at Crossfit is one of its greatest attributes. The ‘syllabus’ is extensive so it helps to listen, to trust and to persevere. It takes years of practise to achieve competency, so don’t try and coach but give advice when needed – such as when someone is doing something which may be harmful.
6. Synergise – Work together to achieve more
Partner workouts are an opportunity to work together and plays to each other’s strengths. Team WoDs and competitions take this further. Take opportunities to socialise and do some extra events – like workshops. These are often the most fun.
7. Sharpen the Saw – Renew yourself regularly
There are always improvements to be made, so it is important to review your techniques and movements on a regular basis. The ‘tekkers’ sessions assist this, drilling good form and allowing the more experienced Crossfitter the opportunity to fine tune their techniques. There are always more efficient ways to do things and the opportunities to learn are always there.
NB – I don’t profess to being an effective Crossfitter but I thought it would be useful to articulate the Seven Habits as suggested by Sean Covey (and his late father, Stephen Covey) with a Crossfit bias, as a reminder of what I feel I should be doing.
Their books expand on the Seven Habits and I would recommend them, especially the Teenager book by Sean Covey.

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