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Reform Your Body with TRX

 There is a constant stream of new gadgets being introduced to the fitness scene, and many of them are fads.  I rarely jump on them.  I like to play, research, investigate, try out as much as possible; and usually I end up writing them all off. TRX Suspension Training was showing up at the trade shows and in the research I was doing, and it seemed interesting to me. So when I found out a colleague of mine had one, I asked to borrow it and see if it was all it seemed to be.
You need space when using the TRX, although it IS possible to get a full body workout straight up and down with the apparatus, but you will still need room to go side to side. I brought the TRX to my gym, hooked it up to the Smith machine, since there was no Xmount at the time, and tried a workout with it.

The TRX kicked my butt

I rarely get sore, but I could really feel it after using TRX the first time AND second time, the following day. Now, I don’t necessarily think that getting that sore is so good for you - but - I knew that this device was useful - big time.  This was going to be great for me and my clients; I did not hesitate for a moment to order it.
I used it on myself for a while, and made myself quite familiar with it. As with all new devices, as a trainer, I find it best to truly understand a product before I use it on my clients, even with my background in anatomy and biomechanics.

With my constant desire to research and investigate these new devices, paired with my knack for exercise design, I often find myself training other trainers with them.  So after a few days of personally studying (and playing) with the TRX, I worked out with a few of my coworkers one on one - it’s always fun to play with liked-minded souls. For those who took an interest in the TRX and continued on using it with me, their bodies completely changed. I also think one of the reasons trainers are so enamored with the TRX is because it is not only a really great piece of equipment, it also draws a lot of attention in the gym - those two things together will keep a trainer very busy with new clients.
Speaking of clients, I began supplementing my clients’ training shortly after practicing with my fellow trainers, and just like the fitness professionals I worked with, they saw great results. It changed their bodies!

With the TRX you can really tailor the workout to each client’s specific needs within a millimeter.  You can choose to focus more on strength or fat loss. You can go a more cardiovascular route and include rehab components.  You can train a wide range of ages and fitness levels... in the hands of a good trainer, almost everyone can benefit from a TRX workout.
The versatility of the TRX makes it a very accessible apparatus to achieving a great workout. For example, people with knee issues that keeps them from squatting or lunging can do lean-back versions using their own body weight, which makes them have to use their core tremendously, along with their arm and upper body strength and stabilizers. There is usually a way to make the TRX “work for you.”
Some time after I had begun using the TRX with my clients and coworkers, Fitness Anywhere started offering certifications for their product. I quickly signed up, and took the TRX-instructor certification.  I had a great time, the instructor was fun... I had so much energy during my certification class that I did cardio on my lunch break! I would recommend any trainer looking to use TRX take one of the many courses Fitness Anywhere offers; I believe strongly in taking certifications when using specialized tools on your clients when available.
TRX also has great synergy with other fitness tools. Henkin Fitness, who makes the sandbag I use in my videos, has a strap called The Ultimate Core Strap that allows you to attach the Ultimate Sandbag to the TRX. They also have designed several exercises within their own theory with the sandbag and TRX together.  I, of course, have embraced this, played with it - and added on more.  This is awesome, and I love seeing the fitness community coming together and building off of each others’ successes.

 This is why I like the TRX so much
There isn’t a single session in which I’m training a client on the TRX where someone isn’t asking me about the TRX or for my card.  That should tell any trainers out there all you would want to know.  Personally, I love that it does so much for me. I can do a whole body workout. I can do cardio, weights and core all-in-one, in 20-30 minutes if I like. Or, I can do a longer and more specific workout.  Sometimes I use the TRX as part of a super-set, or just part of a workout in general.
I have seen over and over again how TRX has changed peoples' bodies. I could give you amazing client case studies, but I wouldn't even know where to begin there are so many. Bottom line, it rocks.
After a few years I bought a new one; the old TRX is still hanging on, but the yellow is gray looking and the handles have seen better times. One seam on the top part of the strap went as well; it’s fully usable, since it’s the loops that adjust the heights and they are not far apart. It’s still going strong... something you can’t say often for a piece of equipment used as often and as long as this has been. I use the new one for my shoots, and “old reliable” for training (it’s still my favorite - it’s broken in, you know how that usually feels better).  If you choose to get the TRX and any of its it’s attachments like I did, use it in good health and stay

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