Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Simple But Effective Exercises: Sled Dragging and the Farmer's Walk

If you have run through all the standard exercise programs, if you need to break out of your exercise or fitness rut, if you want to build power, increase cardio fitness, lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger arms, legs....

How do you do all that?
Let me introduce you to two simple yet fantastically effective exercises that most people have never heard of: The Farmer's Walk and Sled Dragging.

The Farmer's Walk
This has got to be one of the simplest yet most effective exercises you have ever done. All you do, ha ha, is walk around with a heavy weight, kettlebell or dumbbell, in each hand.
That's it?

Yep! But, before you move on to the next web page, let me tell you what this "simple" exercise can do for you. It can make you stronger, improve your cardiovascular condition, strengthen shoulders, legs, and even your hands. It is a great exercise for strengthening your core. It is also a popular exercise with weightlifters, bodybuilders, and athletes in almost every sport.

Sled Dragging
Another simple exercise, sled dragging requires a bit more space and equipment than the Farmer's Walk. For one thing, you need a sled...which can cost about $85 on up! You will also need space in which to drag it.
The power sled used can come in many forms from pretty simple to a bit complicated. One of the key matters, depending on your level of fitness and how hard you want to push yourself, is how much weight you can load on the sled. 

So, what can dragging a sled do for you?

Depending on how you load it and do it, a power sled can increase strength, increase power, improve coordination, improve your cardiovascular condition, and even help you burn body fat. Load it light and move it fast or long, or load it heavy and drag it forwards, backwards or side to side. 
Grab the straps and drag it with your hands for a really strong grip.
One thing that serious weightlifters and bodybuilders like to do with a sled is to load it light and drag it during recovery periods after leg workouts. It helps warm up the muscles and feed them with blood for quicker, and more complete recovery.
Sled dragging can even be part of a circuit training regimen, including other forms of exercise and using the power sled in many different manners. The ways in which sled dragging can improve your physical condition, appearance, and performance are many and varied. 
While you can just buy one, load it up, and start dragging it around the back yard, you will get the best results with guidance specifically designed for sled dragging.

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