Sunday, 3 May 2015

Motivating Yourself To Exercise..

Tips That Will Make the Difference!

We are told that exercise is good for us. But motivating yourself to exercise is more difficult. Many times we have the best intentions, but something else always seems to get in the way.
And we may not feel that getting physically fit is really all that much fun. Do you know why that is?  It actually is very simple, we tend to do things we don't do normally. So here are some tips that can really change things for you.

 Before we get started we need to understand what motivates us. Do you want to look better? Feel better? Or is someone or something else encouraging you to go to the gym. Is it your health? Regardless of the reason, enjoying something about exercising will help increase motivation.
If you are competitive, you might like to set goals between yourself and others. However, it is important to set goals that are not unrealistic. We are more motivated when we can feel competent. Doing something that is challenging but attainable is important.

If you are social, you might like to take a class with other people. When we see that we are not alone or that others are doing something difficult, we are more likely to feel that we can also do it.  Also, sometimes if you don't like to run on track for example, and enjoy outdoors more, why not run somewhere in nearby park.

We also must be careful not to undermine our motivation. How many people do you know who accomplished an exercise goal and then "rewarded" themselves with a less-than-healthy food item? Often when people do this, they end up feeling guilty. This can quash their desire to exercise again. If you wish to give yourself a reward, it is important to choose one that will support your goal and your desire to keep exercising.

Remember to set yourself up for success. If you are not a morning person, don't attempt to exercise in the morning. You will essentially be trying to motivate yourself to not only get up to exercise but also to get up when your body does not want to.
Motivating yourself to exercise, is a lot easier if you decide to do what you like to do, instead of doing what you hate to do.  It is as simple as that. Also, some people don't understand that you can workout even when it does not feel like working out, but you can easily burn 500 calories.  For example, if you rake leaves in your backyard, you are doing something around the house and you can easily burn 400-700 calories.

However, eating fat burning foods makes all the difference between staying overweight or losing those extra pounds. If you eat four meals every day, but each day you eat different food and you get exercise plan which anyone can do, you can look the way you really want to. The best part, your metabolism does not even know you are on diet, and you still lose weight. People, who are skeptic, can even get a free metabolism booster guide and see how it works for them.

Written By Ivonna Boss Combo's Lim 

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