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Does the Fitbit Work ?

Does the Fitbit Work and Why to Buy One!

There are loads of reviews out there that you can Google but does the Fitbit work? Well that really depends 100% on you. Sometimes you have to make an investment in order to get the benefit, and this is the case with the Fitbit. Surprising gadgets that can help improve our lifestyle arrive every day due to the constant advances in technology...and so along the way some of these can help our frugal ideals.

So what is the Fitbit? The device was first launched in 2008 and then later there was an improved version in 2011. In short it is a wireless device that tracks your activity metrics and sleep patterns. How exactly does the Fitbit work, well it contains a 3D motion sensor similar to a Wii remote. A wireless USB docking station automatically uploads your data to the Fitbit website. Daily progress can be checked at any time either via the display on the device or by logging onto the website. In addition there are also apps for the iPAD and Smart Phones so you have no excuse for not having the latest data at your fingertips. The Fitbit is small and discrete and you just clip it onto your belt or shirt. At night it slips into a soft wrist band. Start using it and you will be amazed at what it can show you about your lifestyle and activity levels.

 Does the Fitbit work, well the device only provides you with data in a consistent way each day. However, even if the data is not 100% accurate you can measure your progress since it is always measured in the same way. After that it is really up to you to unlock the device can actually magically make you fit without any effort!

Get More Sleep:
Without doubt most of us really have no idea just how much sleep we are getting or how well we really slept during the night. Does the Fitbit work to help you get more sleep? It can't make you sleep but it does act as an eyeopener to see the graph of how many times you woke up during the night. For example the second time I used it it showed that I had woken 11 times when I thought that I had only woken up once! By tracking the actual hours you sleep you can then make sure that you get to bed on time, have a nap during the day or use the weekend to catch up on your sleep deficit.

5 Good Reasons to Buy a Fitbit:
Lets look at how the Fitbit can potentially improve your lifestyle and perhaps save you money at the same time:

* Better Sleep: It tracks your sleep and makes you aware of your sleep patterns. You can learn from this and make sure you get enough sleep. The immediate impact is that you will have more energy and be more efficient€¦longer term your health should improve since many conditions are related to sleep deficit.

* Higher Activity Level: The more active you are the more calories you burn, the fitter you get and you are more likely to be able to keep your weight under control and within healthy limits. The more energy you have the more things you can fit into the day!

* Improved Fitness: The Fitbit makes you aware of your activity level so you automatically start moving around more€¦and this will improve you general level of fitness. And with improved fitness there is normally an improvement in overall health€¦providing you are also eating and sleeping correctly. So really you can see why this is a lifestyle choice.

* Awareness: By being aware of your activity level you can make the choice do something about it. You can sit at your desk all day at work or you can make sure that you get up and walk around. Stand up when you are on the phone€¦.go and see that person in accounts and talk face to face€¦start using the toilet on the next floor so that you can walk further!

* Save Money: And the bottom line is that if you are fitter you will tend to adopt a more healthy lifestyle which will save money on food. Can you ditch the gym membership as well? That depends on your level of motivation€¦it is really difficult to keep up a regular exercise routine on your own without going to a gym€¦and this is where the Fitbit could just tip the balance.

Does the Fitbit work and can it help you achieve your objectives? It does what it says on the box and the rest is up to you!

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