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Compression Socks and Choosing the Right Socks For You

Compression socks are unique stockings, specially designed to enhance blood flow in the legs. Normally, blood should flow upward to the heart but certain conditions can interfere with proper blood flow in leg veins. This is one of the reasons why some people have swelling in their feet and other related conditions. The stockings exert pressure on the ankles thus enhancing blood flow up the leg and in the direction of the heart. These socks come in handy in the market and are designed for different body types and different functions. 
 Types of Compression stockings
Graduated compression socks are designed to help enhance blood flow in patients with post thrombotic syndrome. This is a condition characterized with pain in the legs because of a blood clot. The stockings reduce swelling in the feet and to reduce pain in the leg. 

Light compression socks are designed for use during pregnancy, when travelling say, long flights or long distance travels. They prevent and reduce swelling in the feet caused by poor blood circulation. The socks prevent edema, leg cramps and vein thrombosis. They can also be used efficiently by professionals who stand or sit down for long hours to enhance proper blood circulation.
Recovery socks are designed for athletes. They enhance blood flow thus, makes healing of an injured leg simpler and faster. 

They can be worn during and after training or a running session. They are quite effective and reduce pain rapidly. 

CW-x stocks are designed to support the ankle, calf and arch of the foot
Medical or moderate compression stockings are designed for use during pregnancy. A pregnant woman can develop varicose veins due to pressure exerted on the feet or veins. The socks therefore help to enhance normal blood flow thus, preventing varicose veins and edema. They can also be used after surgery. 

The stockings are designed in a way that they exert a considerate amount of pressure on the ankles, legs and feet. They compress the surface of muscles, arteries and veins to enhance blood circulation. As a result, more blood will be pumped back to the heart leaving less blood to be collected in the legs or feet. By wearing the socks, you will reduce pain in the legs, chances of developing edema and varicose veins among other related conditions. However, the socks come in handy and it is imperative to choose the right ones for you. 

Choosing perfect socks
It is imperative to define needs and settle for stockings that address your needs best. This depends on your health status, sporting needs or simply stockings that help you when travelling. 

Consult a physician for better advice on the best socks to enhance proper blood flow and general health of your feet and legs. Choose socks that fit you perfectly well to ensure they exert the right pressure on the feet. Note that tight socks can cause harm and aggregate your condition. Therefore, take time to choose fitting socks

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