Thursday, 4 June 2015

Vibram Five Fingers Sport Foot Wear For Barefeet Running

Vibram five fingers sport foot wear is a type of shoe made by the popular and experienced Vibram company. Originally developed as a "barefoot substitute" for nautical and ice climbing, the foot wear has thin, elastic soles that are contoured to the profile of the human foot. It was named by Time Magazine as one of their best inventions of 200 and is becoming popular amongst barefoot runners.
Vibram announces that common running shoes alter the natural bio-mechanics of running. Specifically, they dispute that a raised, cushioned heel causes the heel to smack the ground solidly.
In difference, they declare that a "barefoot" method running and walking is safer, may lead to fewer injuries, and is bio-mechanically more firm from an energy and force distribution standpoint. 
Vibram advertises that use of the five fingers can toughen muscles in the feet and legs, improve range of movement in ankle, improve balance and pro-proception, and improve posture.
Beneficial Reasons to Put on Five fingers foot wear

Vibram five fingers is something else than any other footwear on the globe. Not only do they bring you nearer to your surroundings, five fingers foot wear bring a number of encouraging health benefits-by leveraging all of the body's normal bio-mechanics, accordingly you can move as nature planned. 

Gently Spreads Your Toes - by way of a wider foot base you toughen your foot muscle, increase range of motion, and intensify general foot health.
Enhances Range of Action in Ankles, Feet and Toes - no more 'cast' in a shoe, the foot and toes move more as you would expect. 

Provides strength to the Muscles in the Foot and Lower Legs - wearing Five fingers foot wear will quicken and improve muscles in the feet and lower legs, enhancing general foot health and reducing the danger of injury.

Stimulates Neural Function Crucial to Balance and Agility - when dressed in Vibram Five fingers foot wear, thousands of neurological receptors in the feet send out valuable information to the brain, enhancing sense of balance and suppleness.

Enhances Pro-proception and Body Consciousness - those same neurological receptors enhance body consciousness, sending messages concerning body mechanics, form, and movement.
Eliminates Heel Raise to Make straight the Spine and Enhance Posture - By lowering the heel, our body-weight becomes uniformly distributed across the foot-bed, promoting correct posture and spine alignment that can aid in lower back pain. 

Improved Running Efficiency - studies has shown that running barefoot results in a 4% increase in effectiveness. 
Moderate Risk of Bunions - regular shoes press our toes together. Five fingers foot wear gently broaden them and encourages the large toe to work. 

Allows the Foot and Body to Move Naturally, That Just Feels Nice!!
Try the Vibram five fingers sport foot wear as you will be pleasantly surprised!

Source Terry Glass | GO

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