Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Andrea Ager Crossfit

One of these individuals is Andrea Ager. Andrea's journey began with a simple talk in college from a friend who motivated her to take up the sport. This saw her train for 3-4 hours each day before going to work. She finally moved all her focus to CrossFit training. As the years have gone by she has slowly grown her training for CrossFit and improved the gains that she has gained from the training regime.

At the beginning her focus was on pushing volume and heavier loads. This was intended to increase the power strength that she had. Over the years she has moved more to concentrate on strength. She has also noticed that the hardest part of the training is usually on the specialized and unspecialized training days. These especially are aimed at pushing one to the limit. But with five days of training and doing lots of volume one gets to adjust to the training regimen. The fact that one has a good number of workout music from which to select from adds to the fun of the training and boosts one's morale when undertaking their training.

This is actually a fact that has been proved scientifically. This is in regards to the fact that listening to music while undertaking the training helps one improve on the overall gains that they achieve from their training. 

This is not just in CrossFit training but in all other major types of sports. It also helps to build a playlist that contains some of your favorite songs.

The other part of any fitness regime lies in following the right diet. So too does CrossFit call for eating right to complement the training that one is undertaking. Andrea's diet includes a lot of protein, but so too does it include taking in the right type of carbohydrates, vitamins and fibers. The protein source that one uses should also be the right kind of protein. In this case lean meat and white meat are the most preferred sources of protein. Foods like avocado also provide one with fats that help in fueling the body through the training regimen that one is undertaking as well as the fiber that the body needs to ensure effective digestion. It is also important that one has their cheat days in order to reward the body for all the hard work that it is undertaking during the training period. Andrea's favorite cheat meal is cookie dough ice cream or chocolate.

Source: Written with thanks by Becky Watson

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