Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Reasons To Get Into Rock Climbing

The FitnHealthy crew love Rock Climbing as a great mind and physical exercise .. most readers are
probably aware of rock climbing and might wonder why it has gained in popularity to the point that you have rock climbing walls on cruise ships! Well, there are a number of reasons. 

Perhaps the first reason climbing is picking up in popularity is the simple fact it is outside. You can usually find somewhere to climb that is relatively near to your home. While climbing, you are out in the fresh air and away from the things that annoy all of us like cell phones, and the like. 

The second reason many get into rock climbing is the exercise factor. If you are like me, you get bored quickly if you are just doing reps or plodding along on a treadmill or some similar exercise equipment. This is why so many home exercise machines turn into expensive clothes hangers. With rock climbing, boredom is not a problem. Even the biggest cynic gets a rush from being up in the air on a vertical face. 

While these are all good reasons for climbing, you can find them by doing other things as well. There has to be something else that makes rock climbing so addictive and special. There is. It is a personal challenge. 

Whether you realize it or not, you crave personal challenges. The problem these days is finding something that is truly personal. With rock climbing, this is not a problem. It is you and whatever you are climbing. You either pull it off or you don't. This makes it a purely personal sport that you, and you alone, can succeed at or give up. There is something about that which gets most people going.
This certainly isn't intended to suggest that rock climbing has to be a solitary sport. Usually, you have at least one other person with you. 

 More and more people, however, are pursuing it as a family outing. With rock climbing gyms popping up everywhere, it is even growing a social side where like minded people can meet. 

Rock climbing is a great sport, but it is often hard to explain to a non-climber why it so great. If you are considering it at all, I strongly encourage you to have a go at it. 
You might just find that weekend activity you've been searching for your entire life. Just realize that you probably won't restrict it to just the weekends!

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