Saturday, 20 June 2015

Rowing Machine for a Full Body Workout ..

Rowing machine is considered as a tool to provide benefit of exercise to full body. It has been termed as a machine fit for work out of total body. Rowing has been considered as a very useful exercise for the limbs it can be done by rowing in the water. Mostly, rowing exercise is done on an indoor rowing machine. Rowing when done on machine helps in exercising muscles that extend and support the legs. 

Rowing can also be done outdoors on land with a row bike. Some row bike manufacturers sell stationary bike stands that permit indoor use. Many exercises include the same moments as done in rowing exercise but the exercise done on the rowing machine is more fruitful and more beneficial. An effective off-season training program combines both erg pieces and weight-assisted movements similar to rowing, with an emphasis on improving endurance under high tension rather than maximum strength.

Rowing exercise is considered as a strength training or strength building up exercise. Indoor rowing is regarded as one of the most challenging form of exercise as it works for all major muscular areas of the body, as well as excellent cardiovascular exercise. Ergometer rowing entails both high levels of aerobic and anaerobic metabolism, so the benefits can be great, but this comes with some risk of injury. The most common kind of injury that is seen in knees and the connective tissues by the rowing exercise. 

Proper technique is a necessity for staying injury free, with a focus on both mechanics and breathing, as correct rhythm, exhaling on the drive and inhaling on the recovery, is a stabilizing force for the upper body. Good technique requires that the angle of the upper body is never too far forward, nor too far back, both of which jeopardize the lower back. In addition to the high levels of fitness attained, rowing is an intense calorie-burning exercise. Although rowers with less ability and training will burn fewer calories, the ergometer is an excellent tool for use in a weight-loss program.


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