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TRX Suspension Training-Questions and Answers

If you are looking for a way to get into great condition, build muscle and create impressive strength, the TRX suspension trainer is a challenging tool for fast and effective whole body workouts.
The TRX is a new form of suspension training that has a lot in common with gymnastics ring work, but allows the user to perform a much wider variety of exercises, particularly to enhance sport specific movements. The TRX was designed to place heavy demands on the muscular system for building muscle and increasing strength, while being easy to adjust to a lighter metabolic conditioning workout.
The best part is the TRX can be set up just about anywhere, from a hook in the garage, to the monkey or pull-up bars at the park, to a bedroom door.
How Do I Set up the TRX?
In the house, use the door anchor designed specifically for the TRX. the 'X' mount hardware from FitnessAnywhere, or a heavy duty eye hook screwed into a joist or stud. The TRX weighs about 2 pounds and fits into a small carrying bag, so it can be used anywhere you go and anchored to a variety stable objects, even your car door if you're on the road.
The TRX adjusts quickly and precisely to move from one exercise to another with minimal lag time. This also allows people to adjust the height for their individual needs. When setting up the TRX, be sure the mounting point is high enough to allow a full range of movement for the workout routine.
What are Suspension Exercises?
The diversity of suspension exercises is limited only by your imagination, but because of this, the movements are best put together in a comprehensive routine with a specific desired result. Some of the exercises performed on a suspension trainer are:
-Chest flyes
-Pushups at all angles
-Body Rows
-One arm pushups
-Atomic Pushup burpees
-Pistol Squats
-Bicep curls
-Tricep extensions and presses
-Leg Curls
and many, many more.

What Muscles Does the TRX Engage?
The TRX forces the core to stabilize or contract through multiple planes of motion. In addition, the entire upper body is worked either directly, indirectly, or in combination with other muscle groups. The hip complex, quads and hamstrings get plenty of work with exercises like the Sprinter's Start, Scorpion, leg curls and various lunges.
The suspension trainer excels at training not just strength and endurance, but increasing agility and mobility as well. As with traditional gymnastics work, the entire core is affected from every angle when using the TRX.
The difference is in the addition of comfortable foot straps that allow users to perform exercises like the Swinging Pendulum and pike, among others. People are often surprised at just how sore they are after their first workout with the TRX, especially throughout their midsection, but it's just that effective.
Can I Use the TRX as my only method of conditioning?
Theoretically, yes. But as with any piece of equipment, your body will eventually adapt and need a change to continue progressing. No one method does it all, and the TRX should be combined with any other tools or forms of exercise needed to get in peak condition.
Is Suspension Training for Everyone?
Suspension training can be done by anyone, including supervised children, people rehabilitating injuries or advanced athletes. As with any exercise, if in doubt, get a physical exam before beginning. Younger children and older adults with joint problems should consult with a doctor and a professional TRX trainer.
Source : by Chris Montgomery

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