Friday, 24 July 2015

Guide To Perform HIIT Workouts

High Intensity Interval Training, otherwise known as HIIT, is a category of cardio exercise that is primarily worked out to melt the excess fat as well as calories off from your body. However, HIIT exercises are not just worked out to burn calories and lose weight. They are also considered beneficial to improve aerobic and anaerobic endurance, strength building, and enhance BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).

In fact, HIIT training programs are regarded as effective for anyone who wants to lose their weight by burning off unwanted calories and increase the metabolic rate. Further, this type of exercise is also indispensable for athletes who want to participate in sport activities whose intensity differs persistently, such as basketball, soccer, boxing, and wrestling. But HIIT workouts could give you the expected results only if it performed in a proper way. Discussed below are some important tips that help for the appropriate performance of HIIT workouts.

Since HIIT is not recommended for beginners and people with heart diseases, it is important to consult with a registered medical practitioner and make sure that you are fit to perform HIIT workouts. 

For best results, it would be even better if you can seek the assistance of a professional physical trainer to help you choose and devise the most effective HIIT workout regimen. Further, when you begin the HIIT program, make sure that you do not overstrain or injure yourself, as these workouts are intensely demanding. Hence, prior to starting any HIIT fitness program, it is important to check that you will be able to work-out for at least 30 minutes without any problem or strain.

Once when you begin the HIIT exercises, it is vital to warm up as well as cool down for at least five minutes, after every HIIT workout session. This, in turn, will minimize the chances of injuries. Further, to help for speedy burning of fats, ensure that you workout as hard as you can in between the HIIT routine intervals. The success of a good HIIT routine depends on proper timing. As such, curtail your work intervals or elongate the recovery intervals on the basis of your heart rate during recovery intervals. Above all, if you feel any kind of difficulties in the form of pain or breathing problems, it is advisable to stop the exercise and calm down instantly.

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