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Cardio Wothout Burning Muscle

Cardio training is beneficial for your health. However, it is hard for a person to determine the perfect combination of training, diet and recovery time. Most athletes are aware that too much cardio can come at the price of muscle loss.

If you want to keep your fat percentage rate under control, you have to strike a healthy balance between diet and exercises. Both cardio and strength training are integral parts of a well balanced fitness program. However, can we say how much cardio is enough?

How long should it be?
The longer the cardio session continues, the more fat the body burns. This myth is still widespread among people who want to lose weight. In reality, a long cardio session, lasting an hour or two, will not burn the fat you want to get rid of; on the contrary, it may put your body in a catabolic state. Such a state poses the risk of muscle breakdown, which in turn leads to a slower metabolism. To put it in layman's terms: burning fat will become mission impossible or at least it will be very hard to achieve.

How much is too much?
There is no formula to measure what is the optimal duration of a cardio session.
It is very specific and it is determined not only by individual characteristics but by the fitness goals of the athlete as well.

If you design your fitness program, so that you have a low-intensity cardio session, it may not be as effective as you wish. On the other hand, if you overdo it with a high-intensity cardio, you may lose muscle tissue.

More than 2 hours a day is too much unless you are preparing for a marathon or for the Olympics. Half an hour will do you much more good than an endless session on the treadmill. You should pay attention to what you eat and how intensive is your workout. Consume sufficient amounts of proteins and calories, that will give your body fuel to endure the intensity of the workout.

Interval training
Some Fitness gurus claim that interval training is the best option for athletes that want to retain their muscle mass intact. Interval training combines the best of low and high intensity training. It is simply a series of intense activity intervals followed by intervals of lighter activity. It is a great addition to your workout because you can shake up the routine a little bit. The benefits are considerable: you will improve your aerobic capacity, burn more calories and less muscle and most importantly keep the boredom at bay

Last but not least, don't forget to eat healthy food rich in proteins. The fastest way to gain muscle without burning the muscle tissue you already have is to choose a balanced program and to take some kind of body building supplements that will give you energy, help you burn more calories and gain mass faster.

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