Friday, 20 March 2015

Fit Body Fit Mind

Working out is not only beneficial for your body but you can also boost your brain power by exercising. Most of us know that exercise makes us feel full of vitality; we can go from feeling sluggish to sparky, regardless of the workout. You could swim a few lengths at your local health club  swimming pool or take a run through the park. But how can exercise boost your brain power, you may wonder?

 Neuroscientists have discovered that even an easy running workout can boost the growth of thousands of new brain cells, which in turn improves memory recall. A crucial element for learning new skills and retaining the information learned. This is because exercise boosts circulation, increasing the supply of oxygen to muscles and to the brain.
There isn't evidence to suggest that one particular exercise activity is better than another for boosting brain power, however the more you can get your heart and lungs pumping the better for the development of brain cells. Even a twenty minute run on the treadmill at your local gym will provide significant benefits. Also dancing is another great way to get the cardiovascular system working towards improving your brain power.

Exercise not only can increase memory recall, there is also evidence to suggest involving yourself with team sports can lead to reducing the effect of depression and also warding off the onset of dementia. This is attributed to the natural affects of exercise on the brain and also the social aspect of team sports. If this type of exercise can be taken outdoors, then the benefits improve even more. As being at one with nature has been proven to create a better mood and also lower blood pressure.
It's far too basic to say you will become a brain box by doing exercise but it can be also be used to prevent or prolong the absence of illness which can impact on mental function. Not only for the benefits of brain but working out can relieve stress, diabetes and other cardio problems.
You can incorporate exercise into your daily life, through activities such as yoga, where you not only use your body you also use your brain for remembering the asanas. Any form of exercise which involves mental function will be of benefit; dancing and learning routines, martial arts and even memorising various aspects of your surroundings when you go out for a run or a bike ride. Noticing the changes of the seasons or if someone has changed the front of their home, this all aids to improving brain power.

By avoiding exercise is not only detrimental to your health it can affect your mental wellbeing too, so there should be no excuse for not getting to the gym, fitness club or even a brisk walk up and down the road will be good for you, a fit body equals a fit mind.

Source Billy Briar / Go 

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