Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Crossfit Training Becomes More Popular With Women

Crossfit is the hottest fitness craze today, but how does it work and can everyone Crossfit? Crossfit Clearwater training is exactly that. Crossing various types of workouts in order to maximize the exercise, this exercise involves muscle and strength training, aerobics, endurance and balance testing, and flexibility to increase agility. It can be very extensive and is not recommended for beginners.
Training with crossfit is often thought of as a strength and conditioning methodology of exercise. There are crossfit machines that claim to have this ability, but do lack some components and no machine can handle it all. CrossFit routines maintain that the best way to work the body is to never focus on just one area, but rather by focusing on the entire body. CrossFit Clearwater Programs use €free weights, kettle bells, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars and many calisthenics exercises. CrossFit may call on athletes to skip, run, row, climb ropes, jump up on boxes, flip giant tires, and carry odd objects. They can also squat and bounce medicine balls against walls.€
You Won't Get Bulky. Remember with Crossfit Clearwater: your bodyweight depends on the amount of calories you eat & expend. Strength training will make you gain muscle & lose fat. But you'll stay at the same bodyweight unless you start eating more. 

  Women have lower testosterone levels than men. Muscle mass & strength depend on your testosterone levels. The only way women can get as muscular as man is by using steroids or pro-hormones. There are many Benefits for Women taking Crossfit Clearwater training. I wrote about the reasons to starts strength training in the past. They're the same for women:
 * Less Fat. More muscles, decreased body fat at the same bodyweight.
  *Balanced Physique. Many women are skinny in the upper body & bulky in their legs. Strength training will balance your physique.
  *Increased Bone Density. Lifting weights prevents osteoporosis.
  *Blood Circulation. Helps combat cellulites on thighs & gluts.
  *More strength
  *Fun. Women really like sports from my experience, especially when they have fun while getting results.
How Women Should Train. There is no difference with this workout. You want to work out the same as men do. Women want to do the same exercises, same sets, and reps. Same Crossfit Clearwater Florida programs. If your goal is toning up & losing fat, strength is your tool. Focus on getting stronger on the Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, and Overhead Press & Pull-up. Get on the beginner strength training program.
Some results include. The difference in testosterone levels will influence the results you'll achieve as a woman. In general: Increased muscle mass, but less than a man. You will also see a decrease in body fat. 16% for women is the same as 10% for men. Also you will enjoy an increase in strength, but again less than a man.
In terms of physique, look at the women at CrossFit. They're athletic, in shape & not bulky. Their secret is simple: training hard, consistently & eating healthy.

 Source Alex Sanders / Crossfit Clearwater

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