Thursday, 17 September 2015

Balance Training and Co-ordination

The definition of Athletic Intelligence is - the organized thought process of an athlete to increase athletic qualities which can include: speed, agility, endurance, balance, rotation, and determination. Athletic Intelligence is not limited to those who are currently participating in Sporting events. Average Joes and Pro Athletes alike can strengthen their athletic intelligence to increase multiple athletic qualities. When someone mentions functional training, you start to think about lifting heavy, jumping high, and moving fast, but what about the mental aspect?

Here are 5 ways to Improve Athletic Intelligence from body to thought:

Promote Balance Training & Coordination – Balance and Coordination are the building blocks of Athletic Intelligence because of their ability to increase performance of multiple athletic qualities. There are simple, yet effective exercises that can be worked into any current workout programming to promote these foundational skills. To take it one mental step forward, think about how you are balance your outside the gym obligations with your working out schedule and your free time.

Building Better Body Awareness –Within each exercise or drill you perform, break down the movement into slow motion and observe your position and how your body is aligned. Ask yourself questions: Does this look/feel uncomfortable? Am I turning too much? Can I perform this move more effectively? This will help you begin to understand how your body functions. Taking things slower, not only can improve your posture and position but also give you a greater appreciation for lifting when you are able to move with greater ease and fluidity.

Non-Dominant Side Training – After observing your body, you may notice that you have a Dominant and a Non-Dominant Side. Elevating the less coordinated side of your body through Non-Dominant Side Training will not only strengthen the skills of that side, but will encourage symmetry within the body. Symmetry within the body will help overall communication and coordination with your thought and functions in the gym.

Strengthen Core Muscles – Powerful and explosive movements start with strong core muscles. Incorporating workout and training styles that focus on pelvic, hip, and abdominal muscles like the WeckMethod RMT Club will give you an added oomph in each speed and agility stride.

Think Like An Athlete – The moment you decide to improve physical abilities is when you should start thinking like an athlete. Getting your mindset into the idea that you can continue to increase skills is the first step to improving Athletic Intelligence. Just having the desire and drive and want to do better can create a power mental and physical reaction.


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