Sunday, 23 August 2015

Weight Lifting | CrossFit Straps

To begin, let's all agree that buying weight lifting straps is not brain surgery. But, there are a few things that are totally helpful to remember when trying to find the best straps for you that will meet your needs.

1. Define your own goals.
Do you want to be the next Arnold? Or just lean down and try to look better in that bathing suit that you've been afraid to put on for the past year? Being honest about what your goals are when working out in the gym is very important. The muscle-heads will need the heavy-duty, serious weight lifting straps that will enable them to throw a ton of weight around while the beach beauties will simply need another gym fashion accessory so that they can look great.

2. What exercises will you be using your weight lifting straps for?
Some people find that they use their straps for almost every exercise they perform in the gym. Others, like me, simply use them for the heavier weight exercises that put the most stress on my grip since I try to push more weight than I would normally handle. It's important to think about which exercises you'll be using your straps for so that you can make your selection based on need. Pushing or pulling or both?

3. Think about what kind of material you'd like in your straps.
OK. Some people are more into leather than they'd like you to know! But woven cotton and even neoprene weight lifting straps offer their own benefits. Consider which type of material is going to make your workouts better. And, if you're a sweaty muscle-monkey, then you may want to consider whether you can wash your straps too! They tend to get really dirty and quite stinky too.

4. Are the straps you like simple to use or do they take half your workout just to wrap around the bar and your wrist?
One thing that most people don't think about is what the straps will be like once they're in the gym using them. If they are the long strap with the loop at one end version, then you're probably the type who is planning on Hulking up huge. If you're really looking for hand protection as opposed to uber heavy lifting ability, then you may be more interested in a simpler hand grip product. Wrapping the extended material around the bar to grip more weight can be cumbersome to certain people. A simple on and off quickly type product, such as a hand grip, may be what the trainer ordered instead!
5. Think about the look you're going for at the gym too.
Yeah, I know... you're just going to work out. You don't care what you look like. Bull. Anyone who is in the gym in the first place, is thinking more about the image that they are projecting than not. And, it's really OK too. So, remember that when you're selecting the right weight lifting straps for yourself, think not only about functionality, but about aesthetics too. What do you really hope that your new found straps or grips will say about you? Egotistical callused muscle maniac or considerate baby smooth handed boyfriend with the sensitive touch? Whichever it is, make sure it works for you!

The grips that work absolutely best for my needs are a crossover pair between lifting straps and grips. They are called Gorilla-Grips. They are made of 100% leather with elastic finger loops which hold them in place on my hands. They are totally stoked for lifting super heavy weights or just for use as a protective layer between me and the germ-ridden handlebars in my spin class.
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