Saturday, 29 August 2015

TRX Force Vs. the TRX Pro

For a functional workout that manipulates your body through multiple angles while testing your strength and endurance, the suspension trainer is hard to beat.


The latest in TRX suspension trainers is the TRX Force, which costs an extra 20-40 odd dollars for the package. 

Here is a breakdown of the differences between two popular packages, TRX Pro and TRX force:
TRX Home Training System

 This TRX bundle has the addition of  a TRX Door Anchor
for use on any sturdy door.  PRO

Same effectiveness as if you were
training in a high-performance training center.
For $199 retail, it includes:
-The bright yellow TRX P2
-TRX Door Anchor
-A Basic training DVD, which, if you have never
used a suspension trainer before is anything but
basic.  Not hard to learn, but cutting edge stuff.
65 minutes long.
-A quick start manual.
-1 year warranty.

The TRX Force
Well, for starters, they gave it that cool desert beige, worth for me right there! 
The Force includes:
-The full bodyweight training program using the TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer T1 Model. 
The training program, "The TRX Force Training DVD & Military Fitness Guide," is a thorough 12 week workout routine, and contains over 2 hours of content.
-The Force also includes a door anchor, something you should not buy this unit without.
 If the main physical difference is color, the level of strength and muscular endurance enhancement is more advanced with the Force dvd's.  Quality is always a priority, with each unit undergoing a four point quality inspection process, and backed with a 1 year warranty.
The practical aspect of both trainers is their light weight (about 2 pounds) and their low cost relative to just about any other type of equipment. Set the TRX up quickly in just about any location and get an intense or light workout, it's up to you.

Both packages provide a great full body workout, or allow you to focus on specific muscle groups.


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