Thursday, 9 April 2015

Finding the Right Fitness Jump Ropes for CrossFit

Those who engage in CrossFit know that it is an intense workout and conditioning program. It has elements that are Workouts of the Day or WODs. During some of the CrossFit WODs, jump ropes are used. One of the moves participants are asked to try with the jump ropes is called double-unders. This is a move where the person jumps into the air and moves the rope under his feet two times before he lands. The double-unders are usually performed during five different rounds.
Doing any WOD that requires the use of a jump rope require the participant to have both coordination and stamina. It is emphasized that the WOD can be adjusted to meet anybody's fitness level. It stands to reason that a person who is working with one for the first time in years (or the first time ever) will need to build themselves up slowly. Some people may want to start with tuck jumps before moving on to doing double-unders. This is done with a person having his feet apart slightly, bending his knees and then jumping into the air and bringing his knees up to his chest.
Some people who participate in CrossFit feel it's very important for participants to have a jump rope that properly fits their size. Each person has a personal jump rope type that works best for them, and having the proper size and type can make all the difference.
 Some beginners use a thicker rope because it turns slower and permits the development of the correct movement when doing such moves as double-unders. Once the proper movements have been developed, it is easy to move onto a thinner, faster moving rope. 

 The last decision needed to be made is the type of rope material to be used. The two most popular types used with CrossFit jump ropes are a metal cable surrounded by a rubber sheath or a vinyl cord. There are benefits and drawbacks to both fitness jump ropes.

Vinyl cord are often slower and not very durable. The vinyl cord is known to break easily and is more difficult to turn. The metal cable ropes last longer than vinyl and move much faster. They require some experience and are a challenge for beginners to learn how to use.
When using a jump rope for a Crossfit WOD, it's important to get the proper one for your skill level and individual needs. Taking the time to develop the necessary skills before moving to the next level is important for successful WODs.

 Source Christopher Hardwick

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